What is PayBright?


PayBright is a financing option for our Canadian customers. PayBright allows you to break down the cost of your purchase into a series of affordable instalments. 

Why is PayBright better than Layaway?

When you choose PayBright, you will receive your items right away. You can choose your own payment plan, and you will not have to have any further communication with us regarding your order. With a layaway plan you will not receive your order until the items are paid for in full. You will also have to manage this directly with us, and send your payments by e-transfer or PayPal. 

Do I have to live in Canada to use PayBright?

Yes, PayBright is currently only offered to our Canadian customers.

How old do I have to be to use PayBright?

PayBright will currently only accept applicants who are 18+.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes, you are able to repay in full or in part at any time, with no penalty. To make an extra payment, you can log into your online account.

 How do I checkout with PayBright?

PayBright is available during the payment process after you input your contact information, shipping address and select your shipping method. You will then be re-directed to complete your payment directly on PayBright's website.

Does PayBright check my credit?

Yes. When you apply, PayBright will conduct an instant credit check with a credit bureau in order to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for a payment plan. There is no impact on your credit score.

Can I prepay my outstanding balance with PayBright?

Yes! PayBright payment plans are repayable in full or in part at any time, with no penalty. To make an extra payment, you can log in to your online account. 

How do I access my PayBright account?

You can log in to the PayBright customer portal here. Your login details are in the confirmation email PayBright sent you when you first completed your transaction. If you can’t find your login details, please contact them.