Lemon Jelly Brisa Boot

  • Lemon Jelly
  • To the inevitable wastes resulting of the production of our shoes, we added one of our favorite ingredients: creativity. We have reused resources, and turned your rain boots into an statement of responsibility in sustainable fashion. Trendy looks with recycled boots for women.
  • Microfiber absorbent insole with golden brand transfer
  • Metallic niquel-free rivet with Lemon Jelly logo
  • Heel with 3cm
  • Waterproof fabric (with foam and decorative shapes) sewn at the ankle area, finished with elastic material at the top with an inside zipper
  • Glossy finishing
  • Ankle boot in PVC, compliant with REACH European health and environmental standards against the effects of noxious substances
  • Lemon Scent

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