Hand Made India Rings

  • Designed by us and hand made for our boutique in India
  • Each crystal is one of a kind and may be slightly different then pictured
  • TURQUOISE: is a stone of protection, physically and emotionally. This will strengthen your immune system and prevent exhaustion, depression, and anxiety. Wearing this stone will lift your spirits. In the workplace, this crystal promotes leadership, assists travel, and guards you from bodily harm and unwise decisions. It also gives you mental tranquility. As a travel stone, it protects you and your belongings against theft, loss, and attack. As your stone, turquoise will give you companionship and physical aid
  • LABRADORITE: is a stone of transformation and can have a profound impact on your life, and love life. This will cleanse your aura and remove bad habits, thoughts, and feelings which bring you to your full potential. It allows willpower, and spiritual focus that becomes your confidence in expressing how you feel. It’s energy will give you a new purposefulness where you will develop ideas to find joy and enthusiasm in your life

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