Hand Made Crystal Bar Rings

  • Designed by us and hand made for our boutique in India
  • Each crystal is one of a kind and may be slightly different then pictured
  • ROSE QUARTZ: Is called the Love Stone because it attracts and promotes love, peace, happiness, and mental health. This is the stone you should wear if you want to attract those attributes to everyone close to you. This crystal also reminds you to love yourself first
  • CLEAR QUARTZ : A master healing crystal, this is the single most benficial crystal you can have in your life. It has the highest vibration which you may program for any use. Clear Quartz will also strengthen your emotional aura and bring stability to your irregular emotions. By wearing this crystal, you will begin to notice your mood, emotions, and health improve - as well as begin to pinpoint exactly what is bothering you and how to change it. You can also place Clear Quartz around your other crystals to charge them

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